Thursday, March 1, 2012

American league Central Predictions

10 Predictions for the American League Central

It is now March!! That means by this time next month the baseball regular season will officially be underway.

Woo hoo!!!

Just like yesterday, I will make 10 predictions that I think will happen in the 2012 Major League Baseball season.  At the end of the year we will come back, look at the predictions and see how well I do.  Here are my predictions for the American League Central.

1.  The Cleveland Indians will lead the league with the most amount of defensive double plays.  With ground-ball pitchers Derek Lowe, Ubaldo Jiminez, and Kevin Slowey, there will be no worms left in the Cleveland infield at the end of the year.
2.  Grady Sizemore and Travis hafner will both be doing really well until June, when people are talking about AL Comeback player of the year, and then will combine to play less than 75 games combined in the 2nd half of the season.
3.  The Royals will finish over.500 this year, starting the team on a path to a division crown in 2014.
4.  The best hitting first baseman in the division will be the Kansas City Royals Eric Hosmer
5.  The best hitter on the Tigers will be Miguel Cabrera and not Prince Fielder.  Cabrera will hit more home runs, have more RBI's, and hit for a higher average.
6.  Doug Fister will make the Seattle Mariners regret that trade last August even more, by winning at least 17 games and having an ERA under 4.
7.  Chicago White Sox Adam Dunn and Alex Rios will combine for more than 200 strikeouts in the first half of the season, and one or both will be gone by the All-Star break.
8.  The all star for the White Sox will not be Paul Konerko, but it will be Alexi Ramirez.
9.  Justin Morneau does not make it through the season, and in September Joe Mauer is playing first base.
10.  The Tigers will win the division, and this race will pretty much be over by August.

Predicted Order of Finish.

1.  Tigers
2.  Indians
3.  Royals
4.  White Sox
5.  Twins

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  1. Ah, I see, the Royals are the new Brewers. I just can't believe that they would get out of their own way long enough for that team to make any progress at all.