Friday, March 2, 2012

American League East Predictions

10 Predictions for the American League East

Just like yesterday, I will make 10 predictions that I think will happen in the 2012 Major League Baseball season.  At the end of the year we will come back, look at the predictions and see how well I do.  Here are my predictions for the American League East.

1.  Michael Pineda will regress this year in that bandbox of a stadium.  He will still win 12-15 games because of that line-up but his ERA will be higher and he will give up more home-runs than last year.
2.  Even though C.C Sabathia will show up in the best 'shape' of his career for the third straight year, that shape will still be round.
3.  A member of the Tampa Bay Rays will win the Rookie of the Year award.. My prediction here is Matt Moore
4.  The Rays will be happy Carlos Pena is back.  As happy as you can be with a .220 hitter who will hit 30 home-runs, and 75% of his at-bats will either be a strike out, walk, or home-run.
5.  The Toronto Blue Jays will finish with a better record than the Boston Red Sox
6.  Jose Bautista will not lead the league in home-runs, but he will still be an MVP candidate for the Blue Jays, who will be playing competitive September baseball for the first time in 20 years.
7.  John Lackey will mercifully be gone by the end of the season for the Red Sox, who won't be able to find a trade partner but will pay him his money to get off their team.
8.  Carl Crawford will come back and play better than last year, but still not worth 144 million dollars.  Prediction is .300 hitter with 10-15 home-runs, 70 RBI's, 100 runs scored, and 40 Stolen Bases.
9.  The Orioles will have at least 10 different starting pitchers this year. And none of them will be very good.
10.  The Yankees will win the division, the Rays will win the 2nd wild card, and the Red Sox will once again not make the playoffs.

Predicted Order of Finish.

1.  Yankees
2.  Rays
3.  Blue Jays
4.  Red Sox
5.  Orioles

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  1. 2 things:

    1) CC's shape will still be round made me laugh.

    2) Good prediction for the Red Sox, there is no way that they will finish well. New manager, no Wakefield or Varitek, going to be a rough year in Beantown (and I'm a Sox fan).