Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4-18 Predictions

Alright once again all 30 teams are playing.  The predictions will be coming in waves.  I can only do the first 2 games at the beginning of the day but will get the rest of the predictions in before the rest of the games start.  Lets do it.

Time (ET)
Away Probable
Home Probable

Mets (Dickey) vs Braves (Jurrjens)

Hmm... Who to pick who to pick?  I am going to say that the Braves and Jair Jurrjens will get the win here and beat the Mets.  R.A Dickey is a good pitcher but he will not sustain the success he has had so far this year.  You never know what kind of game a knuckleballer is going to throw and I think today he gives up a few runs and Atlanta wins.

Pick: Braves

Pirates (McDonald) vs Diamondbacks (Hudson)

The Pirates finally scored a few runs yesterday and got the win behind the bullpen pitching 8 solid innings.  The need James McDonald to go deep into this game to give their bullpen a rest, and I don't think he is good enough to do it.  I predict that the Diamondbacks win today as they get to McDonald and the bullpen is too tired to keep the Diamondbacks down.

Pick: Diamondbacks

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