Sunday, April 22, 2012

4-21 Recap

Well we can't win them all right?  Had our first losing day in over a week.  Onto the recaps!!

Winning Pitcher
Losing Pitcher

Cubs 6 Reds 1 (Loss)

I guess even Paul Maholm can a game every once in awhile.  Maholm got 5 runs from his offense in the first 2 innings and cruised to his first win in 9 months as the Cubs snapped a 5-game losing streak.  In an unrelated note, Starlin Castro made another error today.  He is already at 7 errors and we are only 2 weeks into the season.  The kid can hit but can't field at all.

Nationals 3 Marlins 2 (Win)

Stephen Strasburg should have gotten his third win of the season in this game, but Brad Lidge gave up a 2-run home run to Logan Morrison in the ninth inning to tie the game at 2 and send it into extra innings.  In the bottom of the tenth Ian Desmond, who hit a home run earlier, got a sacrifice fly to win the game for the Nationals as they continue the best start in franchise history.

Rangers 10 Tigers 4 (Loss)

This game was over before the Detroit Tigers even got a chance to swing the bat.  That is because the Rangers scored 8 runs in the first inning off of Tigers starter Rick Porcello.  That was more than enough for Matt Harrison, who just needed to throw strikes and let his defense take care of everything.  That is exactly what he did as he got his third win of the season.

Mets 5 Giants 4 (Loss)

I swear the Mets are doing things to deliberately piss me off now.  After taking a 4-1 lead in the ninth inning against San Francisco, the Giants scored 3 to tie it.  The last 2 runs were scored when the center fielder for the Mets misread the ball and it went over his head.  The Mets would not be deterred as they scored the winning run in the tenth inning when a double play opportunity for the Giants went awry as Buster Posey was slid into and his throw from home to first went into right field, and a runner who was on second came around to score.

White Sox 4 Mariners 0 (Loss)

I was actually thinking of going to this game today but decided against it because I didn't think anything exciting would happen.  Um how wrong was I?  Phillip Humber threw the twenty first perfect game in major league history and the third in the history of the White Sox.  Even though I don't think Brendan Ryan swung on that final pitch, I'm still going to offer my congratulations to Humber, who was dealing all game long.  

Yankees 15 Red Sox 9 (Loss)

Wow.  The Yankees were trailing 9-0 and looked dead in the water and the ghost of George Herman Ruth must have gotten bored and wanted to start some trouble.  The Yankees scored 7 runs in the seventh inning and 7 runs in the eighth inning to take the lead and steal this win from the Red Sox.  Bobby Valentine might want to start polishing up that resume pretty soon.

Dodgers 5 Astros 1 (Win)

Clayton Kershaw won for the first time this season, even though the Dodgers have won every game he has started so far.  I know that because I have picked Kershaw as my lock of the day 3 times now and him and the Dodgers have yet to let me down.  Matt Kemp continues to rake as he hit his ninth home run of the season.  9 already for Matt Kemp.  Forget 50 he is on pace for 100!!

Pirates 2 Cardinals 0 (Win)

I love it when I get games like this right.  The Pirates beat the Cardinals at their own game, getting great starting pitching from A.J Burnett and getting just enough offense to win.  I was right in my prediction that this would be a low scoring game and that the Pirates were going to win, but wrong on who was actually pitching for the Pirates.  Burnett made his first start of the year for Pittsburgh and through a dandy.

Tigers 3 Rangers 2 (Win)

Holy cow the Rangers can lose!! All it takes to beat them is having last seasons American League MVP throw against them.  That is the only way I can figure out how to beat them.  Neftali Feliz actually pitched a complete game in the loss for the Rangers, only allowing 3 runs and 3 hits.  I stand corrected in what I said about him not being able to transfer to a starting pitcher.  With the results in so far he is passing with flying colors.

Brewers 9 Rockies 4 (Loss)

Drew Pomeranz pitched well enough to get the win for the Rockies but the bullpen was hammered in the seventh inning.  All in all they allowed 6 runs in that inning to go from a 3-3 tie to a 9-3 easy rest of the way for Milwaukee.    The big hit was a 3-run home run by Alex Gonzalez to put the last 3 runs on the board and blow the game open.

Rays 4 Twins 1 (Win)

James Shields once again pitched into the ninth inning as the Tampa Bay Rays won to even the series against Minnesota.  Shields only gave up 1 run and struck out 7 as he improved to 3-0 on the year.  The Rays got a balanced attack from their offense as everyone got a hit except for Ben Zobrist, and the only one who got more than 1 was B.J Upton.  That is consistency right there.

Blue Jays 9 Royals 5 (Loss)

The Kansas City Royals lost again today, despite getting home runs from Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer, who have been struggling badly for them.  Any team that has Yuniesky Betancourt batting leadoff for them I just can't take seriously and if he keeps being in that spot in the lineup I will pick against Kansas City every day.  Really that simple.  Kansas City is now 0-8 at home so far in 2012.  Not a good start for this young team.  

Braves 3 Diamondbacks 2 (Loss)

The first 5 half innings so 1 run scored in each frame.  The last 13 frames saw no scoring at all.  Both of these pitchers settled down after rocky starts but Tommy Hanson settled down 1 inning earlier and that is why Atlanta got the win.  The game winning blow was a Dan Uggla home run that was hit in the top of the third inning and was the last run scored.  All they needed.

Padres 5 Phillies 1 (Loss)

The demons have been extricated! After losing 13 straight games to the Phillies at Petco Park they finally won one and it was against Roy Halladay no less.  The Phillies only managed 2 hits and no runs against my boy Cory Luebke, who got the win for the Padres.  That kid is going to be something special and you heard it here first.

Angels 6 Orioles 3 (Win)

Another game and another 6-spot for the Angels.  Jered Weaver through a complete game for Los Angeles and made sure that Baltimore was not coming back.  Weaver improved to 3-0 and has to love the run support he is getting even though Albert Pujols still can't hit the ball.  I said in my very first blog that I wrote, the American League West predictions, that Pujols will struggle in April and so far he has done exactly that.

Indians 5 Athletics 1 (Loss)

Brandon McCarthy still has gotten very little run support and he has an 0-3 record to show for it despite having an ERA of 3.3 so far this year.  He is starting to enter Felix Hernandez territory where if he gives up a run he won't get the win.  McCarthy has now made 5 starts this year and in those starts the Athletics have scored a total of 9 runs.  That is not going to get the job done!

Days Record: 6-10                  Overall Record: 116-106                Lock of the Day Record: 11-5

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