Sunday, April 29, 2012

4-28 Recap

Since it is still April of course the weather is still playing a factor.  There was another rain-out today so only 14 games were played today. Let's see how they went.

Winning Pitcher
Losing Pitcher

Angels 2 Indians 1 (Win)

Holy cow the Angels won a game.  Dan Haren got his first win of the year and he decided to do most of it himself.  The Angels could only score 2 runs for him but it was enough as Haren shut down the Indians and snapped the losing streak for the Angels.  The difference in the game was a solo home run by Torii Hunter in the fourth inning.  Haren did the rest.

Cardinals 7 Brewers 3 (Win)

Kyle Lohse improved to 4-0 with a win today and the 3 runs he allowed in 6 innings was actually his worst start of the year.  He is pitching well and getting a lot of run support from his teammates on his way to a 4-0 start.  The Cardinals love playing against their division rivals as they are winning series and pulling away from the pack early.

Royals Twins 

This game was cancelled today due to inclement weather.

Tigers 7 Yankees 5 (Win)

Hahahaha.. Oh Freddie Garcia.  You just don't have it anymore.  Giving up more runs than outs?  That is never a good sign for a starting pitcher.  Today he only recorded 5 outs and yet he gave up 6 runs.  This game featured 5 home runs, which is further proof that the stadium the Yankees play in needs to have the fences moved back.

Blue Jays 7 Mariners 0 (Win)

Now that is the Mariner offense that we have come to know and love.  Seattle got 6 hits today but none of them were strung together to do any significant damage.  Once again Brandon Morrow shut down his former team.  The big blow in this game was a grand slam that Edwin Encarnicon hit to blow the game open.  

Reds 6 Astros 0 (Win)

Not a bad pick for the lock of the day.  Cueto did shutdown Houston and the Reds did dominate today as they won 6-0.  They scored 2 runs in the first inning and that was all Cueto needed.  The most important stat for him was that he only walked 1 batter.  He has had a problem with his control in the past but it wasn't an issue today.

Phillies 5 Cubs 2 (Loss)

I still maintain that the Phillies offense isn't that good, but if you only score 2 runs off of Joe Blanton you have some offensive issues of your own.  I should have known that Randy Wells was going to give up some runs because Randy Wells isn't any good, but I let my disgust for the Phillies offense cloud my judgement.  Won't happen again.

Orioles 10 Athletics 1 (Loss)

So ESPN has a system where each start is rated on a scale from 1-100.  Average start is a 50.  Tyson Ross's start today was rated a 4.  That is the worst I have ever seen.  Even Freddie Garcia's start was a 22 and he didn't make it out of the second inning.  Tyson you just need to forget about this start and move on to the next one.

Miami 3 Arizona 2 (Loss)

Anibal Sanchez allowed 2 runs by the Diamondbacks in the first inning and then completely flustered them the rest of the game.  Sanchez finished with 14 strikeouts in 7 innings and kept his team in contention.  Miami got 1 run in the seventh, 1 in the eighth, and 1 run in the ninth inning on a single by Hanley Ramirez to win the game.

Red Sox 1 White Sox 0 (Loss)

I was correct in my prediction that Jake Peavy would be good again today.  John Lester just pitched a little bit better. Lester and the Red Sox shut down the White Sox and got an RBI single from Adrian Gonzalez in the fourth inning.  After that it was a true pitchers duel as no team scored again.

Pittsburgh 4 Atlanta 2 (Loss)

Pittsburgh actually scored some runs for Erik Bedard.  For the first time this year Bedard got a few runs and was rewarded with his first win of the year.  He has pitched well enough to have a least 2 more wins but his offense hasn't done a thing for him.  Today they got a him a few runs and it is all he needed.

Rangers 7 Rays 2 (Win)

Colby Lewis was once again fantastic against the Tampa Bay Rays as Texas evened up the series with a win today.  Tampa Bay committed 2 errors and on both plays Texas scored.  You can't give this team extra outs or they will kill you.  Texas also got a 3-run home run from Adrian Beltre, his fourth of the young season.

Mets 7 Rockies 5 (Win)

In comparison to yesterdays wild affair this was a pitcher's duel that only had 12 runs scored and 22 hits, as opposed to the 27 runs and 36 hits yesterday.  The Mets got most of their prediction from the middle of their order as the 2-3-4 hitters each had 3 hits and the 5 hitter, Lucas Duda had a home run and 4 RBI's.

Giants 2 Padres 1 (Win)

It looks to me like Tim Lincecum is fully settled in after a rocky start to his season.  Lincecum went 8 innings and did not give up an earned run and earned his tenth win over the Padres in his brief but brilliant career.  Anthony Bass pitched a complete game for the Padres but because he got no offensive support he was the tough luck loser tonight.

Dodgers 4 Nationals 3 (Loss)

What an entertaining game this turned out to be.  You have 2 starting pitchers who both went 7 innings and gave up 5 hits and 1 run, you have a team in the Nationals that scored 2 in the top of the ninth to take a 3-1 lead only to lose it when the Dodgers scored 2 in the bottom of the ninth, and you have the great Matt Kemp hitting a walk-off home run that sent the Dodgers crowd into a state of delirium.  Plus you have the debut of Bryce Harper, the 19 year old phenom for the Nationals.  I can't believe people say this sport is boring.

Days Record: 8-6                  Overall Record: 167-145                Lock of the Day Record: 14-9

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