Friday, April 20, 2012

4-20 Predictions

Happy Friday everyone!  New series abound and all 30 teams are in action today.  Lets get right to it!

Time (ET)
Away Probable
Home Probable

Reds (Bailey) vs Cubs (Volstad)

The Chicago Cubs are struggling right now and it won't get any easier for them as they face their National League Central rival.  Homer Bailey and Chris Volstad have both struggled to start the year, so that will be a wash.  with the offense of the Reds being far better than the Cubs I think that Cincinnati will win this game today.

Pick: Reds

Yankees (Nova) vs Red Sox (Buchholz)

The best rivalry in all of baseball resumes today as the Yankees take on the Red Sox in Fenway.  It is the 100th anniversary of Fenway for the Red Sox and they are having legends from their past come and put on a show.  Once the game starts the Yankees will be the team putting on a show as they will score double digit runs for Ivan Nova again and win this game.

Pick: Yankees

Marlins (Zambrano) vs Nationals (Detwiler)

Carlos Zambrano pitched well for the Marlins in his last start but did not get the win.  Now he faces off against Ross Detwiler and the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals starting pitching has been spectacular with the exception of yesterday, and I think Detwiler will pitch ok but Zambrano will be better and the Marlins will get the win.

Pick: Marlins

Cardinals (Lynn) vs Pirates (Morton)

Lance Lynn has been a savior for the Cardinals as they wait for Chris Carpenter to return and now he gets to face a punchless Pirates lineup.  The Cardinals will win this one comfortably as Carlos Beltran, David Freese, and the rest of the lineup get to Charlie Morton.  In fact this is the lock of the day for today.  Go Cards!!

Pick: Cardinals. This is my lock of the day.

Rangers (Harrison) vs Tigers (Porcello)

The Texas Rangers made Detroit look terrible yesterday and now they are turning to Matt Harrison, who is 2-0 so far in 2012.  Rick Porcello is no slouch either and both lineups are good.  This game is going to be a fun one to keep an eye on but I think that the Tigers will win today and stop the winning streak of the Rangers.

Pick: Tigers

Twins (Hendriks) vs Rays (Moore)

Matt Moore hasn't looked as sharp as he did at the end of last year and maybe pitching against the Minnesota Twins is exactly what the doctor ordered.  The Twins got a split against the Yankees in Yankee stadium and now head to Tropicana Field to continue their brutal early schedule.  I predict that the Rays win this game and Matt Moore starts pitching like a Rookie of the Year candidate.

Pick: Rays

Giants (Zito) vs Mets (Niese)

These are 2 of the better stories of 2012 as both Barry Zito and Jonathan Niese have gotten off too good starts.  I am happy for Zito who has been the brunt of many jokes in San Francisco the last 5 years, but I still wonder about his sustainability.  I know my track record of going with the Mets so take this with a grain of salt but I think the Mets win this game.

Pick: Mets

Dodgers (Lilly) vs Astros (Happ)

The Dodgers are back to playing weak teams, after losing their first series of the year at the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers.  Now they face the Astros with Ted Lilly on the hill, while Houston counters with J.A Happ.  I predict that the Dodgers will continue to beat up on the dregs of the league and win the opener of the series tonight.

Pick: Dodgers

Rockies (Chacin) vs Brewers (Marcum)

Both Ryan Braun and Troy Tulowitzki have struggled out of the gate in 2012, and both look to rebound this weekend as the Rockies square off with the Brewers.  This is the battle of Coors vs Miller and I like to call this the Beer Series.  Even though Coors is much better than Miller I still think that Shaun Marcum will fool the Rockies hitters with his change-up and win this game.

Pick: Brewers

Blue Jays (Drabek) vs Royals (Hochevar)

Kansas City looks sends Luke Hochevar to the mound as they try to win their first game at home in seven tries so far in 2012.  The Blue Jays are putting phenom Kyle Drabek on the mound, who is looking to improve to 3-0.  Both Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer need to turn it around for the Royals as both are struggling so far in 2012.  I still think that both will turn it around this year, but not today as Drabek and the Blue Jays get the win.

Pick: Blue Jays

Braves (Beachy) vs Diamondbacks (Cahill)

The Braves struggle against good starting pitching.  Trevor Cahill is a good starting pitcher.  Arizona wins.

Pick:  Diamondbacks

Orioles (Matusz) vs Angles (Williams)

The Angels 2012 season so far has been a huge mess.  It reminds me of the Philadelphia Eagles last year with everyone anointing them as champions before they played a game together.  The Eagles turned it around last year to win their last 4 games but by then it was too late.  While I think the Angels will turn it around it won't start today as Brian Matusz and the Orioles get the win.

Pick: Orioles

Indians (Jiminez) vs Athletics (Godfrey)

Ubaldo Jiminez looks to build on a solid start as the Indians open up a 3 game series against the Athletics.  The Indians are now 5-1 on the road after taking 2 out 3 from the Mariners and they face Graham Godfrey today, who is 0-2 so far.  The Yoenis Cespedes strike out watch continues to hum along, as he is at 17 in 14 games.  I think the Indians continue to surge and win this game.

Pick: Indians

Phillies (Hamels) vs Padres (Volquez)

You got to start feeling sorry for Edinson Volquez, who has already pitched against Clayton Kershaw twice and now has to face Cole Hamels.  Plus you have to feel sorry for him because the team behind him is terrible.  The Phillies will continue to pitch well against the hapless Padres and win for the second straight night.

Pick: Phillies

Mariners (Beavan) vs White Sox (Sale)

I am picking the Mariners because I am going.  The Mariners usually win when I am there.  See if the trend can continue.

Pick: Mariners

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