Friday, April 27, 2012

4-27 Predictions

New sets of series now and all 30 teams are in action.  Should be a good weekend for baseball.

Time (ET)
Away Probable
Home Probable

Angels (Weaver) vs Indians (Masterson)

Weaver continues to be the only thing that is good about the Angels so far this year.  He has half of their wins and has been his usual dominant self.  The Angels only scored 5 runs in getting swept by Tampa Bay the last 3 games, but facing Justin Masterson might be just what the doctor ordered.  I like the Angels in this one.

Pick: Angels

Cubs (Maholm) vs Phillies (Halladay)

I know I have been talking a lot of crap about the Phillies offense but the Cubs offense isn't anything to write home about.  Since the offenses are both bad let's take a look at the starting pitchers.  Paul Maholm vs Roy Halladay.  Kind of a mismatch don't you think.  Phillies win in the lock of the day.

Pick: Phillies. This is my lock of the day.

Tigers (Verlander) vs Yankees (Nova)

This is an interesting matchup if you ask me.  On one hand you have the best pitcher in the American League in Justin Verlander and on the other hand you have the pitcher that always gets a ton of run support.  Nova will give up his usual 4 runs so the question is will the Yankees be able to score enough against Verlander?  I don't think they will and the Tigers will win.

Pick: Tigers

Athletics (McCarthy) vs Orioles (Arrieta)

Brandon McCarthy is still looking for that elusive first win of the year, and he should have gotten it by now. McCarthy has pitched well but has gotten absolutely no run support whatsoever.  The Orioles are throwing Jake Arrieta, who had a good first start but has struggled since.  I predict that the struggles will continue and Oakland will win.

Pick: Athletics

Mariners (Beavan) vs Blue Jays (Romero)

The Seattle Mariners are hitting the ball well ever since Phillip Humber threw that perfect game against them.  That could change today as they face Ricky Romero in the opener in Toronto.  The baseball pickem' blog has made it clear to see that Ricky Romero is a great pitcher.  Not a good pitcher but a great one.  He will get the win today.

Pick: Blue Jays

Diamondbacks (Saunders) vs Marlins (Zambrano)

This is another game with 2 pitchers doing well right now.  Carlos Zambrano so far has not been a problem for the Marlins, even though he does not have a win yet this year.  This should be a low-scoring affair and I am going to predict that Zambrano finally gets his first win in a Marlins uniform today.

Pick: Marlins

Astros (Rodriguez) vs Reds (Leake)

Wandy Rodriguez has been pitching well and Mike Leake has not.  I am beginning to wonder if Leake is going to be as good as everyone thought he would be.  He didn't spend anytime in the minor leagues after being drafted and it now looks like he could have used some.  I predict that he will continue to struggle and that Houston will get the win.

Pick: Astros

Pirates (Burnett) vs Braves (Hanson)

This is how bad the offense is and how good the pitching is in Pittsburgh.  They set a record with their 18th straight game in which neither team has scored more than 5 runs.  I have seen pretty much every team score 5 runs in an inning, and the Pirates haven't scored or allowed more than 5 runs in a game!  That is insane.  I think another low scoring game is in store for today but Atlanta will come out on top.

Pick: Braves

Rays (Shields) vs Rangers (Harrison)

This is a fantastic early season series.  Both of these teams are playing good baseball and both send undefeated pitchers to the mound in the opener.  I think that this is a playoff preview and that these pitchers would square off in game 1.  I am going to go with the home team in this one and pick the Rangers.  Shields gives up a lot of home runs and Texas hits a lot of home runs.

Pick: Rangers

Red Sox (Bard) vs White Sox (Danks)

So is Daniel Bard a starting pitcher or a relief pitcher?  I don't think that Boston knows what to do with him.  I personally would put him back in the bullpen because I think he is more valuable there.  I do think that he will get the win today but that is because I have even less faith in the pitcher the White Sox are throwing out there.

Pick: Red Sox

Royals (Teaford) vs Twins (Pavano)

Both teams are sitting at 5-14 right now and show no signs of improving.  I am picking the Twins in this game because I have heard of Carl Pavano and he isn't a bad starting pitcher.  Twins win.

Pick: Twins

Brewers (Gallardo) vs Cardinals (Westbrook)

It seems like St. Louis has done nothing except play divisional foes so far this year.  That continues today as they open up a series against Milwaukee.  Jake Westbrook is a groundball machine who has had success against Milwaukee in the past.  I predict that the Cardinals will continue their success against the National League Central and win tonight's game.

Pick: Cardinals

Mets (Schwinden) vs Rockies (Pomeranz)

I still like Drew Pomeranz as a starting pitcher.  I think that eventually he will pull it together.  And I think that it starts today.

Pick: Rockies

Nationals (Detwiler) vs Dodgers (Kershaw)

For the first time in 4 starts Clayton Kershaw is not my lock of the day.  I still think that the Dodgers are going to win but with the way Ross Detwiler is pitching I am not as confident in this pick as I am in the Phillies.  I think that 1 run could win this game and I think the Dodgers will get that run.

Pick: Dodgers

Padres (Leubke) vs Giants (Hacker)

Cory Leubke has been outstanding this year and now gets to face a pitcher making his Giants debut.  The TBD that was listed above has officially been determined.  Eric Hacker will make his first appearance of the year after starting the year down in triple-A.  I predict that Leubke will continue to shine and the Padres will win.

Pick: Padres

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