Friday, May 11, 2012

5-11 Predictions

Full slate of 15 games today. Little bit of a late start but since the first game doesn't start til 4:05 we will still be done by then.  Onto the games!

Time (ET)
Away Probable
Home Probable

Astros (Norris) vs Pirates (McDonald)

James McDonald has pitched well so far this year but has not gotten very much run support and only has a 2-1 record to show for it.  McDonald has pitched far better than I expected him too this year.  I like the Pirates to get the win today as they will score a few runs off of Bud Norris and McDonald will get the win.

Pick: Pirates

Padres (Richard) vs Phillies (Worley)

Both of these teams have gotten off to slow starts this year and it is because the offenses aren't performing.  That was expected from the Padres but the Phillies offense has been one of the bigger disappointments so far this year.  They are missing Utley and Howard more than they thought.  I do still think the Phillies will win today but it will be a low scoring affair.  

Pick: Phillies

Mariners (Hernandez) vs Yankees (Kuroda)

Felix Hernandez has absolutely owned the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, including gong 3-0 in his last 3 starts and only allowing 1 run in 24 innings.  Felix loves pitching on the big stage and that is where he shines the brightest.  For that reason alone I am picking the Mariners to win the opener against the Yankees today as Felix continues to dominate.

Pick: Mariners

Rays (Hellickson) vs Orioles (Eveland)

The Rays were supposed to be in a dogfight for the American League East crown.  It was not supposed to be with the Baltimore Orioles.  Both of these teams come in with identical 20-12 records and now face up for American League East supremacy.  I predict that Hellickson and the Rays will win the opener and take the  lead in the A.L East.

Pick: Rays

Indians (Jiminez) vs Red Sox (Buchholz)

I can't in good conscious pick Boston right now.  This team has so much drama going on and they don't have the mental makeup to just forgot it and play baseball.  They care so much about things other than baseball that the drama is poisoning the locker room.  The Indians will win and Boston willd rop further in the standings.

Pick: Indians

Mets (Santana) vs Marlins (Buerhle)

These two used to square off when Santana was in Minnesota and Buerhle was a member of the White Sox.  Now they face each other as National League East rivals.  Jose Reyes continues to try and get his average up to where it was last year, when he was with the Mets.  These are the 2 worst teams for me prediction wise but I am going to say the Mets and Johan Santana win this one.

Pick: Mets

Nationals (Gonzalez) vs Reds (Leake)

Mike Leake is still winless and so far when that has happened I pick them to get their first win.  That will not be the case today.  Mike Leake will remain winless and Gio Gonzalez will continue to dominate.  The Washington Nationals have the best starting pitching in all of baseball and Gio Gonzalez will continue that trend today.

Pick: Nationals

Angels (Wilson) vs Rangers (Darvish)

The first game between these 2 teams and of course iw should be C.J Wilson vs Yu Darvish.  Wilson switched from the Rangers to the Angels in the offseason, and Yu Darvish was the big free agent signing by the Rangers.  This is going to be a compelling series all year when these 2 teams play and it starts today with the Angles getting the win as C.J Wilson defeats his former team.

Pick: Angels

Cubs (Garza) vs Brewers (Wolf)

Matt Garza is pitching like the ace the Cubs thought they were getting last year when they gave up the farm for him.  Now he is 2-1 but has a sterling 2.67 ERA and has not blown up at anyone.  Garza is maturing as a pitcher and as a person and it is helping him in the long run.  I like Garza and the Cubs to win this one and continue to frustrate the Milwaukee hitters.

Pick: Cubs

Royals (Paulino) vs White Sox (Floyd)

The Chicago White Sox have been abysmal at home this year, starting off 5-9.  The Royals can relate to not being able to win games at their home park and now they try to continue the White Sox struggles.  Gavin Floyd is matching up against Felipe Paulino and I like Paulino and the Royals to get the win here.  I think that Floyd will get rocked early and that Paulino will pitch well enough to get his team the win.

Pick: Royals

Blue Jays (Drabek) vs Twins (Blackburn)

The only team I would pick the Twins to beat right now is the Red Sox.  Blue Jays win.

Pick: Blue Jays.  This is my lock of the day.

Braves (Minor) vs Cardinals (Garcia)

The St Louis Cardinals are going for their fifth consecutive win and will send Jaime Garcia to the mound to try and achieve that feat.  The last time these 2 teams played the Cardinals were in the middle of that epic run and the Braves were in the middle of that epic collapse.  I think the result today will be the result of those games last year.  A Cardinals win.

Pick: Cardinals

Giants (Bumgarner) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

I am riding my boy Madison Bumgarner until he loses again.  He is the best pitcher on this staff right now that also features a 2-time Cy Young winner and a man who just signed the richest deal ever for a right handed starting pitcher.  That is pretty high praise.  Bumgarner will continue to pitch well and the Giants will get the win.

Pick: Giants

Tigers (Porcello) vs Athletics (Milone)

The Tigers have rotated wins and losses in their last 11 games.  They won last night.  If the trend continues that means that Tom Milone will beat them.  However I do not think that trend will continue.  The reason why is Miguel Cabrera broke out of his slump yesterday and when he goes, so does the Tigers offense.  I think he will continue to rake and the Tigers will win.

Pick: Tigers

Rockies (Moyer) vs Dodgers (Capuano)

Chris Capuano has to be one of the biggest surprises in all of baseball this year and is one of the biggest reasons why the Dodgers are in first place.  He is looking to start out 5-0 with a win today and I think he will get it against Jamie Moyer and the Rockies.  I predict that Moyer will get hit around a little bit by Kemp, Ethier and the rest of the Dodger offense.

Pick: Dodgers

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