Saturday, May 12, 2012

5-11 Recap

And I thought 5-10 was bad.  When I set a a record a couple days ago for worst record I definitely didn't think I would be writing about how I did worse.  That is what happened today.  Ouch.

Winning Pitcher
Losing Pitcher

Astros 1 Pirates 0 (Loss)

I knew the Pittsburgh Pirates offense was bad but getting shut down by Bud Norris?  That is just pathetic.  They were held to only 4 hits the entire game and never had a serious threat.  Against Bud Norris!!  When something like Bud Norris shutting out the team you predict to win you know it isn't going to be your night.  That should have been my first sign.

Phillies 7 Padres 3 (Win)

Well at least the team that I predicted to win got there because I definitely didn't see this outburst from the Phillies happening.  They actually hit 2 home runs today too!!  Both John Mayberry Jr. and Carlos Ruiz left the yard for the Phillies, who also got solid pitching from Vance Worley to get the win.  This is what the Phillies expect all year.

Yankees 6 Mariners 2 (Loss)

Well you can't win them all right Felix?  Felix Hernandez gave up more run in one swing of the bat today than he did in the previous 30 innings he had pitched at the new Yankee Stadium.  Raul Ibanez hit a 3-run home run off of him in the seventh inning and the Mariners couldn't mount a serious threat against the Yankees after that.  

Orioles 4 Rays 3 (Loss)

And it is the Baltimore Orioles who take the lead in the American League East, coming from behind to beat the Tampa Bay Rays.  Tampa Bay had a 3-1 lead before the power of the Orioles took over.  They got a home run from Nick Markakis in the sixth inning and a 2-run home run from Nick Johnson in the  seventh inning to take the lead.  With those home runs the Orioles now lead the American League in home runs as well!!

Red Sox 7 Indians 5 (Loss)

The Indians spotted the Red Sox a 7-1 lead and then tried to mount a comeback but just couldn't do it.  For a day at least the drama that is the Boston Red Sox was able to take a reprieve.  I still don't trust the mental makeup of this team and I still don't think they will make the playoffs or even be in the playoff hunt come September.  But they did get the win today.

Marlins 6 Mets 5 (Loss)

The New York Mets.  Snatching defeat away from the jaws of victory after first taking the victory from the jaws of defeat.  They looked dead in the water before scoring 3 runs in the eighth inning to take a 5-3 lead.  Miami scored 1 in the eighth inning and 2 in the ninth inning on a game winning hit by Greg Dobbs as once again I fail with the prediction involving these teams.

Nationals 7 Reds 3 (Win)

Holy cow a win!! The wins were few and far between today but I knew I could count on Mike Leake to let down the Cincinnati Reds, just like he has done all year. Leake could only go 3 innings against a Washington lineup that hasn't been able to score runs recently.  I got a feeling I won't be making predictions about Mike Leake soon because he will get demoted to either the bullpen or the minors.

Rangers 10 Angels 3 (Loss)

Boy was this an anti-climactic start to the huge rivalry that is supposed to take place between these 2 teams. The Rangers scored 6 times in the first inning and survived an hour and a half rain delay, and this game was never close after that.  Josh Hamilton hit 2 more home runs and has 17 already, to go with 40 RBI and a .407 average.  He will be in the running for the Triple Crown all year long.

Brewers 8 Cubs 7 (Loss)

Matt Garza only gave up 1 run in 5 innings but he couldn't go more because he was already almost at 100 pitches.  His control just wasn't there today and the Brewers got to the bullpen of the Cubs, which it seems like everyone does.  The Cubs had a 2 run lead going into the bottom of the ninth inning but Corey Hart hit a home run to tie it and he also got the hit in the thirteenth inning to win it.  

White Sox 5 Royals 0 (Loss)

Wow.  What a turd sandwich the Royals laid today with that offensive performance.  The Royals only mustered 5 hits the entire game as Gavin Floyd made the hitters look foolish.  Adam Dunn hit a home run in the first inning and the game was over from there.  This game could have gone 20 innings and I don't think the Royals would have scored a run.

Twins 7 Blue Jays 6 (Loss)

It was at this point today that I just started to laugh at how bad the games were going.  I know that if the Twins are scoring 7 runs in a game the world just didn't want me to have a good day.  The Blue Jays outhit the Twins 11-7 but the Twins got the job done when they had runners on base and the Blue Jays weren't as good in that regard.  The lock loses for the day.

Braves 9 Cardinals 7 (Loss)

Carlos Beltran got 4 hits and finished a single away from the cycle (something you rarely see) and yet the Cardinals still lost today.  That is because Jason Heyward hit a 2-run home run in the top of the twelfth inning that proved to be the difference in the game.  Heyward and Uggla both went deep for the Braves, while Beltran hit 2 and Allen Craig and Matt Carpenter hit 1 each for St. Louis.

Diamondbacks 5 Giants 1 (Loss)

Madison Bumgarner finally looked human today.  On the same day that I reap his praises about how good of a pitcher he is he gives up 5 runs in 6 innings and takes the loss.  I thought that Bumgarner would be the person who would end the Giants 9 game losing streak at the hand of the Diamondbacks.  I was obviously mistaken.

Athletics 11 Tigers 4 (Loss)

What parallel universe are we in where the Oakland Athletics are scoring double digit runs in one game.  I am very confused.  They even hit 3 home runs today and none of them were by Yoenis Cespedes.  Cespedes doesn't even have the team lead anymore as Josh Reddick hit 2 out today which gives him 8 on the year.

Dodgers 7 Rockies 3 (Win)

After writing about 7 losses in a row it is good to end the day on a high note.  Chris Capuano continues to surprise everyone as he improved to 5-0 today with the win.  The Rockies sent out the ageless one, Jamie Moyer, but his 79 mile per hour fastball wasn't fooling anyone as he gave up 5 runs in 5 innings.  Andre Ethier did most of the damage for the Dodgers, collecting 3 hits and a home run on the day.

Days Record: 3-12                                         Monthly Record: 73-74              
Lock of the Day Record: 20-14                    Overall Record: 258-229

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