Thursday, May 24, 2012

5-24 Recap


Don't need to say anymore. Just ouch.

Winning Pitcher
Losing Pitcher

Indians 2 Tigers 1 (Loss)

Can the Detroit Tigers please score some runs?  I thought that bringing in Prince Fielder would lead to a huge offensive outburst but this team can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag right now.  They were just swept by the Indians and today it was Justin Masterson's turn to shut down this offense.  Hey Tigers you can't blame this on a slow start anymore the season is already 1/4 of the way done!

Reds 6 Braves 3 (Loss)

The Cincinnati Reds won their sixth game in a row and swept Atlanta today and Homer Bailey got the win.  Homer gave up 2 homers today but he got some help in the form of a grand slam by catcher Devin Mesoraco.  The Reds now find themselves in first place all by themselves and if they stay there would make a couple people correct on my National League Central Prediction blog, including my father. Still think the Cardinals take it home though.

Padres 11 Mets 5 (Loss)

Well on the plus side for the Mets David Wright went 3 for 5 and is still hitting over .400, which is pretty remarkable this late in the season.  That is all I got for positives for this game.  I can't believe the Mets gave up double digit runs to the Padres.  This is the first time the Padres got to double digits all year and it happened when I picked them as a lock to lose.  Perfect.

Giants 14 Marlins 7 (Loss)

I could not have been more wrong about this game.  I didn't think the winner was going to score more than 3 runs and the Giants scored 3 runs in 3 separate innings!  Hell even the Marlins scored 4 runs in the bottom of the eighth.  The Giants offense woke up in a big way today by scoring 14 runs and pounding out 15 hits against Anibal Sanchez and the Miami Marlins.

White Sox 11 Twins 8 (Loss)

If you would have told me the Twins will score 8 runs and will still lose today I would have wondered what you were smoking.  But that is what happens when you give up 5 home runs in one game like the Twins did today.  The big blow was a grand slam by Alejandro De Aza, but that was just the end of the fireworks as a lot of damage was done before that too.

Phillies 10 Cardinals 9 (Loss)

Definitely not the best start for Jake Westbrook today.  Westbrook gave up 4 runs in the first inning and the Phillies had a 6-0 lead before hanging on for dear life today against the Cardinals.  I predicted that the Phillies offense was going to struggle and they pounded out double digit runs today.  God my predictions were horrendous.

Angels 3 Mariners 0 (Win)

Hey I won one!  Dan Haren completely stymied the Mariners offense and especially Alex Liddi.  Liddi got the one piece of Mexican clothing you do not want if you are a baseball player.  That is right he got the Golden Sombrero!! For those of you who don't know a Golden Sombrero is when an individual strikes out 4 times in 1 game, an honor you do not want but Liddi got tonight.

Days Record: 1-6                                          Monthly Record: 167-167              
Lock of the Day Record: 27-20                    Overall Record: 350-322

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