Friday, May 18, 2012

5-18 Predictions Part 2

Here are the rest of the predictions for the first day of Interleague play.

Time (ET)
Away Probable
Home Probable

Orioles (Arrieta) vs Nationals (Jackson)

Who would have thought this matchup would be between 2 teams playing this well.  The Nationals are doing it with pitching and the Orioles are doing it with offense.  Edwin Jackson has been the weakest link in the Nationals rotation and I think the Orioles will take advantage.  I like Baltimore to win this matchup and continue their excellent start to the season.

Pick: Orioles

Red Sox (Bard) vs Phillies (Hamels)

Much like the Nationals and the Orioles, the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies find themselves in unfamiliar territory in the standings.  The difference is the Nationals and Orioles are towards the top of the division while the Phillies and the Red Sox are in the cellar.  Cole Hamels will get the win in this one and I don't think he will intentionally hit anyone in the process.

Pick: Phillies

Reds (Arroyo) vs Yankees (Pettite)

Andy Pettite makes his second start of the season for the Yankees and he is going against Bronson Arroyo and the Cincinnati Reds.  Pettite still isn't up to his lofty standards and Arroyo is pitching well so I am going to go with the Reds in this one.  

Pick: Reds

Marlins (Zambrano) vs Indians (Masterson)

It was 15 years ago this year that these 2 teams faced each other in the World Series.  With memories of Edgar Renteria still fresh in my mind these teams face off on a 3-game series.  Zambrano has pitched well but has not gotten a lot of run support from the offense.  I think they will break out for him here and he will get the win.

Pick: Marlins

Pirates (Morton) vs Tigers (Verlander)

Verlander against this offense?  Lock it up.

Pick: Tigers. This is my lock of the day.

Mets (Niese) vs Blue Jays (Romero)

Ricky romero has been a fantastic pitcher against the National League and is now facing the Mets today.  He is 4-2 with a 1.88 ERA against the senior circuit and even though he was knocked around in his last start, he is still pitching well this year.  I like Romero to continue pitching like an all-star and continue his dominance of the National League.

Pick: Blue Jays

Braves (Hanson) vs Rays (Shields)

James Shields is looking to become the first 7-game winner in baseball and with his record against the National League he has a great chance to get there.  Combine that with the fact that Tommy Hanson struggles against the American League and you have a recipe for a Tampa Bay win.  That is who I am going with in this one.

Pick: Rays

Rangers (Feliz) vs Astros (Rodriguez)

These 2 teams were supposed to be on opposite ends of the spectrum this year.  The Rangers are exactly where they are supposed to be but the Astros are exceeding expectations so far this year.  That being said this is a mismatch on paper in every form.  Rangers have an advantage in pitching, defense, hitting, and bullpen.  I like the Rangers in this one.

Pick: Rangers

Diamondbacks (Saunders) vs Royals (Mendoza)

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Kansas City Royals meet at Kuffman Stadium, a place where the Diamondbacks have enjoyed success and where the Royals have struggled this year.  Kansas City is only 4-14 at home so far this year.  Joe Saunders is going for the Diamondbacks today and he will get the win as Arizona wins the opener today.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Twins (Diamond) vs Brewers (Estrada)

Scott Diamond has pitched in 2 games this year for the Twins and is tied for the team lead in wins with 2.  That is how bad this team is.  I am going to go with Diamond in the Twins today because I don't think Marco Estrada is a very good pitcher and the Brewers are struggling right now.  It is not very often I pick the Twins but today is one of those days.

Pick: Twins

Mariners (Millwood) vs Rockies (White)

This is going to be an interesting series.  You have the anemic Mariner offense playing at Coors Field.  One of these has got to give.  I actually think the Mariners offense is going to score some runs today, the question is whether Kevin millwood can keep the Rockies in the park.  I think he can and I think the Mariners will get the win.  

Pick: Mariners

Angels (Weaver) vs Padres (Suppan)

Jered Weaver against the Padres offense.  I am not making 2 locks but this one I am just as confident in as Verlander.

Pick: Angels

Cardinals (Lynn) vs Dodgers (Lilly)

This is going to be a great pitchers duel.  You have Lance Lynn at 6-1 going against Ted Lilly at 5-0.  I am excited for this game.  I am on the Lance Lynn bandwagon and I got to back my boy even though it is going to be a good game between division leaders.  I like Lynn and the Cardinals to beat the Dodgers and Lilly his first loss.

Pick: Cardinals

Athletics (Parker) vs Giants (Zito)

Barry Zito is not going against his former team and he is finally pitching like the Giants expected him too when they signed him to that huge contract several years ago.  He matching up against phenom Jarrod Parker, who has looked very good in his brief career with Oakland.  With saying that I am going to go with the cagey old veteran and pick Zito to get the win today.

Pick: Giants

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