Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5-8 Recap

Well that wasn't a good day.  First time losing double digit games.  Oh well gotta keep going!

Winning Pitcher
Losing Pitcher

White Sox 5 Indians 3 (Loss)

John Danks actually pitched well for the White Sox today but they still needed help from the offense after the bullpen coughed up the lead.  The Indians tied it in the eighth inning with 3 runs but the White Sox got 2 runs in the top of the tenth inning to get the win.  

Mets 7 Phillies 4 (Loss)

The Phillies jumped out to a 4-0 lead and with Joe Blanton pitching the way he is they should have coasted the rest of the way.  Unfortunately they are the Phillies and don't do anything easy.  They coughed up another late lead to the Mets and once again couldn't rally back, as the Mets stole their second consecutive against the Phillies.

Yankees 5 Rays 3 (Loss)

James Shields suffered his first loss of the season at the hands of the Yankees, losing 5-3.  He got outpitched by Ivan Nova.  I am surprised that Ivan Nova won this low scoring of a game.  Usually the games he wins are 10-6 or something like that but today he held the Tampa Bay offense in check and got a quality start and a quality win.

Rangers 10 Orioles 3 (Win)

I guess the only way I could win a game is getting 4 home runs from 1 player.  Josh Hamilton hit 4 2-run home runs and Elvis Andrus was on base every time.  Hamilton also set an American League record by getting 18 total bases as he also mixed in a double to go with his 4 home runs.  The guy is white hot right now and I wouldn't pitch to him.

Pirates 5 Nationals 4 (Win)

The Pirates had a 3-2 lead going into the top of the ninth inning.  The closer for the Pirates, Joel Hanrahan, gave up 2 runs to give the Nationals a 4-3 lead and break the hearts of Pirates fans everywhere.  In the bottom of the ninth inning they got a little bit of magic and scored 2 runs of their own to win the game and squeak by Washington.

Braves 3 Cubs 1 (Loss)

The Cubs may have lost this game but it was not Ryan Dempster's fault.  Dempster pitched fantastic, only giving up 1 run in the 7 innings, but the Cubs offense was stymied by Randall Delgado.  This game came down to a battle of bullpens and I would take the Braves pen over the Cubs pen all day long.  It showed why yesterday.

Astros 3 Marlins 2 (Loss)

The Marlins were riding a 7 game winning streak and were going against a pitcher making his first start in 2012.  They responded by only getting 4 hits against them and not giving Anibal Sanchez any run support.  They lost it in the bottom of the eighth inning and had a rally in the top of the ninth inning but couldn't push a run across.

Twins 5 Angels 0 (Loss)

Dan Haren got rocked by the Twins.  That is when you know it isn't your day.

Royals 6 Red Sox 4 (Win)

You would think a day in which I correctly picked the Royals and the Pirates to win would be a good day for me.  Not today!  The Royals rallied for 3 runs in the eighth inning off of the ragged Boston bullpen.  I still say that their best reliever is Daniel Bard and Bobby Valentine has him starting right now.  This team is still a mess.

Brewers 8 Reds 3 (Win)

The Brewers got to Homer Bailey early and often, although they didn't hit any home runs on him. They just strung together hit after hit and just wore him down.  Yovani Gallardo pitched well enough to get the win, just throwing strikes and making the Reds put the ball in play.  That is all he needed to do and he did it very well.

Cardinals 6 Diamondbacks 1 (Loss)

Carlos Beltran did all the damage for the Cardinals, hitting 2 home runs and getting 6 RBI in the first 2 innings.  He was overshadowed by Josh Hamilton today, but I think Beltran did it off a much tougher pitcher in Ian Kennedy.  Plus I have him on my fantasy team so I am happy with that.  Not happy with the Ian Kennedy getting his first loss at home in a year though.

Padres 3 Rockies 1 (Loss)

Where in the hell is Jeff Suppan coming from?  The guy doesn't pitch for 19 months and all of a sudden comes back and throws a second straight gem.  Holding a team to 1 run is mighty impressive, and it is even more of a feat when you are 82 years old like Suppan is.  The Padres got just enough offense to help Suppan get his second win in as many starts.

Athletics 7 Blue Jays 3 (Loss)

Walk-off grand slam by Brandon Inge?? Wow.

Tigers 6 Mariners 4 (Win)

I don't know why it seems like the Mariners are the one team that actually gets to Justin Verlander.  Even though he got the win he didn't have his best stuff and the Mariners were making him work.  I was actually at this game and if it wasn't for Kevin Millwood looking like a softball pitcher for the first 2 innings the Mariners might have won this one.

Giants 2 Dodgers 1 (Loss)

I couldn't even count on my boy Kershaw getting me a win.  This is the first start for Kershaw that the Dodgers haven't won and this is also the first Kershaw start I haven't won.  I have been riding his left arm like nobodies business and it came back to bit

Days Record: 5-10                                        Monthly Record: 60-51              
Lock of the Day Record: 18-13                   Overall Record: 245-206 

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