Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5-29 Predictions Part 2

Alright here are the rest of the predictions.

Time (ET)
Away Probable
Home Probable

Reds (Bailey) vs Pirates (Morton)

I can't remember the last time I picked Homer Bailey to win.  Come to think of it I don't know if I have picked Homer Bailey to win.  If I am going to do it at all this season it has to be coming off a loss at the hands of the Pirates.  The Pirates scored some runs yesterday which means they won't score any today.  I like Homer to get the win as the Reds cruise.

Pick: Reds

Royals (Smith) vs Indians (Masterson)

Kansas City has a 14-11 record on the road and a 5-17 record at home.  That is gross.  Since the Royals are on the road they are probably favored to win.  That being said I think that Justin Masterson is going to get the win and they Royals will hit a lot of ground balls.  I know that picking against the Royals on the road might not be the best idea but I am going to do it anyways.

Pick: Indians

Orioles (Arrieta) vs Blue Jays (Romero)

Ricky Romero is still throwing well right now and he has had success against the Orioles in the past.  I normally pick Ricky Romero and now he is facing the Orioles so I am going to go with him again.  Ricky will keep the ball in the park against the high flying Oriole offense and Toronto will score some runs off of Jake Arrieta and get the win.

Pick: Blue Jays

White Sox (Humber) vs Rays (Shields)

I made a mistake yesterday in picking the Rays.  I was close to picking the White Sox yesterday because I really like Chris Sale and he did not disappoint yesterday.  Sale struck out 15 yesterday and dominated the Rays hitters.  It will be a different story for the White Sox today as Phillip Humber will get lit up like a Christmas Tree and the Rays will get the win.

Pick: Rays

Tigers (Verlander) vs Red Sox (Bard)

In the first game of the season Justin Verlander shut out the Red Sox for 8 innings.  He will shut down the Red Sox again.  In fact this is the lock of the day for me, Verlander against the Sox.

Pick: Tigers. This is my lock of the day.

Phillies (Blanton) vs Mets (Hafner)

Every team in the National League East is at least 2 games over .500.  The Phillies were expected to be good but the Mets are still one of the biggest surprises in baseball.  Both Joe Blanton and Jeremy Hefner have a high ERA and I think that some runs are going to be scored in this game.  I think that the Phillies will outslug the Mets and get the win today.

Pick: Phillies

Cardinals (Westbrook) vs Braves (Delgado)

The Atlanta Braves swept the Cardinals a couple weeks ago in St. Louis and even though they lost yesterday they are also 2 games over .500.  Randall Delgado can't find the strike zone right now and he is facing a very patient team in the Cardinals.  Jake Westbrook struggled in his last outing and I think he rebounds today and the Cards get the win.

Pick: Cardinals

Nationals (Jackson) vs Marlins (Sanchez)

The other 2 teams in the National League East are the Marlins and the Nationals, both of whom are playing outstanding baseball right now.  The Marlins are the hotter team right now but the Nationals are the division leaders and this game could go either way.  With the way the Marlins are playing I give them a slight advantage and I am going to go with them today.

Pick: Marlins

Mariners (Vargas) vs Rangers (Feldman)

The Seattle Mariners have lost 5 games in a row, with their last win being when they beat Feldman in Seattle.  Now Feldman matches up with Jason Vargas down in Texas and I think that the result will be the same.  I like Vargas and the Mariners to end their losing streak and beat Texas today.  This might be a homer pick but I am okay with that. 

Pick: Mariners

Athletics (Parker) vs Twins (De Vries)

The Oakland Athletics have lost 6 straight games and are sending out their stud prospect Jarrod Parker in hopes of getting back in the win column.  Jarrod Parker is a good pitcher and the Minnesota Twins offense is not very good so I think that the Athletics will not lose their seventh consecutive game.

Pick: Athletics

Yankees (Pettite) vs Angels (Haren)

Dan Haren finally looked like Dan Haren in his last start, striking out 15 and shutting out the Mariners.  He looks to continue his success as he faces a team that has a little better offense than the Mariners.  He is being opposed by Andy Pettite, who is 2-1 so far this year.  I like Haren in this game and he will hand Pettite his second loss of the year.

Pick: Angels

Brewers (Fiers) vs Dodgers (Eovaldi)

Um..... Who are these 2 guys?  I have never heard of either of these starting pitchers for these respective teams.  Both of these pitchers are making their first appearances of the year which means that the offenses will be on display today.  Since I think that the Dodger offense is better than the Brewers offense right now I am going to go with Los Angeles in this one.

Pick: Dodgers

Diamondbacks (Saunders) vs Giants (Vogelsong)

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants are similar ballclubs right now.  Both are underperforming this year and they are both more reliant on their pitching than their offense.  The Giants are pitching far better than Arizona right now and I think that will continue today as the Giants win their fourth in a row against the Diamondbacks.

Pick: Giants

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