Saturday, May 12, 2012

5-12 Predictions Part 2

Alright here come the rest of the predictions.

Astros (Happ) vs Pirates (Morton)

A May game between the Pirates and the Astros is the kind of prediction that I was dreading to do before this season started.  Now that these 2 teams are playing I don't really know who to pick but this is still fun.  So that is a good thing.  I am going to go on the side of the Astros on this one and I think J.A Happ will get the win as the Astros get another win.

Pick: Astros

Padres (Volquez) vs Phillies (Halladay)

Another start for Edinson Volquez and another ace he is matching up against.  It is once again Volquez against Halladay and runs will be at a premium.  I have picked Halladay a lot and so far he hasn't been the best pitcher to ride for me.  I am going a little bit off the grid here and I am going to pick Volquez to beat Halladay.  This is the first time I am picking against Halladay this year.

Pick: Padres

Rays (Moore) vs Orioles (Matusz)

The American League East leading Baltimore Orioles.  That is still weird to write.  Brian Matusz leads the Orioles against the Rays, who are sending out rookie Matt Moore.  Moore is facing the team that has hit the most home runs in the American League so far this year.  Matt Moore has struggled to keep the ball in the park.  I am going with the Orioles on this one.

Pick: Orioles

Indians (McAllister) vs Red Sox (Doubront)

The Boston Red Sox finally won a game at Fenway Park and are looking to get consecutive wins at home for the first time in a month. Zach McAllister is making his second start and after getting a quality start the first time I think he will have another quality start against the Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians will win game 3 of the series.

Pick: Indians

Royals (Hochevar) vs White Sox (Sale)

Chris Sale is back in the starting rotation after getting switched from the rotation to the bullpen.  I believe Sale is much better in the starting rotation than in the bullpen.  Sale will get the win as he will dominate the Royal hitters and bet Hochevar and Kansas City.

Pick: White Sox

Blue Jays (Hutchison) vs Twins (Walters)

With a win today the Minnesota Twins will match the longest winning streak they have had this season.  Two.  That is how bad this baseball team is.  That is also the reason why I am picking the Blue Jays to win.  Not because the Blue Jays are a great team but because the Twins are terrible.

Pick: Blue Jays

Nationals (Zimmermann) vs Reds (Latos)

Mat Latos finally looked like the pitcher that the Reds traded for in pitching 6 shutout innings in his last start. The Nationals have gotten great starting pitching all year long and now turn to Jordan Zimmermann, who is 1-3 but has an ERA of 2.29.  I predict that Latos will have another great start and the Nationals will continue to not score many runs.  Reds win.

Pick: Reds

Braves (Beachy) vs Cardinals (Wainwright)

Adam Wainwright has won his last 2 starts and is starting to look like his 2010 self.  After missing all of last season due to Tommy John surgery Wainwright  has slowly started to round into form.  Meanwhile Brandon Beachy has pitched very well so far this year.  I still like the Cardinals in this one and I think that Wainwright will continue his progression.

Pick: Cardinals

Tigers (Fister) vs Athletics (McCarthy)

Doug Fister has pitched well so far and has not allowed a run so far this year.  He didn't get the win in his last start as the bullpen blew a 2 run lead in the ninth inning.  I do think that Fister will give up his first run of the year but I also think he will get his first win of the year.  Detroit will continue their win 1 lose 1 streak with a win today.

Pick: Tigers

Giants (Cain) vs Diamondbacks (Cahill)

The Giants have lost 9 games in a row to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Madison Bumgarner hasn't been able to beat them.  Tim Lincecum hasn't been able to beat them.  Will Matt Cain end the streak and finally get a win?  I say yes.  I am picking the Giants in this one and they will finally end their losing streak against the Diamondbacks.

Pick: Giants

Rockies (Nicasio) vs Dodgers (Harang)

The Los Angeles Dodgers are 13-3 at home and are facing Juan Nicasio and the Colorado Rockies.  Both of these pitchers are a wash right now so who has the better offense the Rockies or the Dodgers?  With Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier leading the way I am going to say the Dodgers on that one, which is why I am picking the Dodgers to win.

Pick: Dodgers

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