Thursday, May 3, 2012

5-3 Recap

This is my 100th post on the baseball pickem' blog.  I just wish that it would have been a better day for me prediction wise.  On to the recaps.

Winning Pitcher
Losing Pitcher

Phillies 4 Braves 0 (Loss)

Well Randall Delgado did calm down today and pitched very well, allowing only 2 runs in 8 innings.  Unfortunately for the Braves, Joe Blanton came out firing today and threw his first complete game in 5 years and it was a shutout no less.  He is supposed to be the weak link of this stuff and he is firing shutouts?  Jeez.

Reds 4 Cubs 3 (Loss)

I think that this game has me the maddest of any incorrect prediction I have made so far this year.  The Cubs had a 3-0 lead after Ryan Dempster pitched his heart out for 8 innings.  In the ninth inning Carlos Marmol (who is having a competition with Heath Bell to see who the worst closer in baseball is) gave up 3 runs WITHOUT GETTING AN OUT!!  The Reds than won it in the tenth inning on a sacrifice fly by Scott Rolen.  The Cubs outhit the Reds 10-5 in this one but still lost because Carlos Marmol sucks! Argh!!

Rays 4 Mariners 3 (Loss)

So much for my homer pick.  The Mariners lost their sixth straight game and I am guessing Chone Figgins is gone by Mother's day.  He went 0-4 today and is now batting .189.  If that scrawny guy is batting close to his playing weight we have some issues here.  Meanwhile Tampa Bay is now 12-1 at home.  This will be the team I am rooting for come the playoffs.

Pirates 6 Cardinals 3 (Loss)

Erik Bedard looked great today but he only pitched 5 innings because his pitch count was high.  His pitch count was high because he was striking everybody out.  He got 11 strikeouts threw 5 innings and the Pirates offense scored some runs for him for the second start in a row.  The story here was the Pirates bullpen who came in and shut the Cardinals down completely for 4 innings, preserving the win.

Marlins 3 Giants 2 (Win)

I finally got a win!  Looks like the Marlins are making a switch at closer as Heath Bell did not get the save today.  That honor went to Edward Mujica, who did allow a hit but otherwise escaped the ninth inning unscathed.  It looks like Heath is having some competition already and he is only 1 month into that 3 year contract.  I think the Marlins are not happy about that signing.

Nationals 2 Diamondbacks 1 (Win)

I was right in predicting who would win and I was right in predicting that it would be Bryce Harper who was involved in getting Washington the win.  After Arizona tied it in the sixth inning Harper hit an RBI double that scored Ian Desmond and proved to be the winning run.  Can't get much more involved than that.

Indians 7 White Sox 5 (Win)

The Indians won another series away from home, and they used a balance offense to do it.  They got hits from 6 different guys and got 4 RBI's from second baseman Jason Kipnis.  The big blow was a 3-run home run by Kipnis in the seventh inning that made it 7-3.  The White Sox scored 2 in the bottom of the ninth but couldn't get all the way there and took the loss.

Royals 4 Yankees 3 (Loss)

The only thing people wanted to talk about after this game wasn't that it took the Royals til May to get their first win at home, but rather to talk about what happened to Mariano Rivera.  Rivera was shagging flyballs during batting practice and landed awkwardly on the warning track and tore his ACL.  If his career really is over as some people are prognosticating, I will tip my cap to him as the greatest relief pitcher the game of baseball has ever seen.  

Blue Jays 5 Angels 0 (Loss)

The Angels got completely stymied by Brandon Morrow.  Morrow only gave up 3 hits, didn't walk anybody and struck out 8 as the Blue Jays flipped the script on the Angels today.  Yesterday everyone was marveling about the no-hitter that Jered Weaver threw and today it was all about how the Angels offense couldn't do anything.  

Days Record: 3-6                                        Monthly Record: 19-19              
Lock of the Day Record: 15-12                  Overall Record: 202-174 

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