Sunday, May 20, 2012

5-20 Predictions

I know I have been slacking a little bit on the recaps but they will be coming today.  Since we had another double digit loss day yesterday we are going back to just picking the winners and not giving a reason why for today.

Time (ET)
Away Probable
Home Probable

Reds (Cueto) vs Yankees (Sabathia)

Pick: Yankees

Marlins (Johnson) vs Indians (Lowe)

Pick: Indians

Pirates (Correia) vs Tigers (Scherzer)

Pick: Tigers

Mets (Gee) vs Blue Jays (Alvarez)

Pick: Blue Jays

Orioles (Chen) vs Nationals (Strasburg)

Pick: Nationals

Red Sox (Beckett) VS Phillies (Lee)

Pick: Phillies

Braves (Hudson) vs Rays (Price)

Pick: Rays

Rangers (Lewis) vs Astros (Lyles)

Pick: Rangers

Diamondbacks (Miley) vs Royals (Adcock)

Pick: Diamondbacks. This is my lock of the day.

Twins (Marquis) vs Brewers (Greinke)

Pick: Brewers

White Sox (Peavy) vs Cubs (Maholm)

Pick: White Sox

Mariners (Beavan) vs Rockies (Guthrie)

Pick: Mariners

Angels (Santana) vs Padres (Bass)

Pick: Angels

Athletics (Colon) vs Giants (Lincecum)

Pick: Giants

Cardinals (Lohse) vs Dodgers (Billingsley)

Pick: Cardinals

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