Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5-15 Recap

Alright now that is what I am talking about.  Get better everyday.  Finish over .500 every day.  Let's get to the recaps.

Winning Pitcher
Losing Pitcher
SF 4, COL 5

Phillies 4 Astros 3 (Win)

The Phillies had this lead all sewn up and Cliff Lee was ready to get his first win.  Then the bullpen came into the picture.  The Phillies had a 3-1 lead and than allowed 2 runs in the ninth inning to tie the game.  The Phillies rallied to get a run in the tenth inning but the bullpen is a lingering issue for this team.  The offense is starting to get enough runs now they need the bullpen to come together.

Padres 6 Nationals 1 (Loss)

The lock of the day lost as Stephen Strasburg suffered his first defeat of the season.  He gave up 3 runs in the first inning and that is all they needed to get the win.  The Padres even hit a home run off of Strasberg, which is a huge surprise.  Anthony Bass pitched very well today and has pitched pretty well all year.  He just hasn't gotten much run support.

Indians 5 Twins 0 (Win)

Derek Lowe ladies and gentlemen!!  Lowe threw a 6 hit shutout to improve to 6-1 on the season.  Lowe didn't get a strike out and got 22 ground outs.  All the worms in the Cleveland infield are now dead thanks to Derek Lowe.  The Indians got 3 home runs as the offense continues to stay hot.  The Indians got production up and down the lineup to get the win today.

Cardinals 7 Cubs 6 (Win)

Well Paul Maholm you didn't pass your test.  This was your chance to show me something and the Cubs offense even put up 3 runs in the first inning for you.  You repay them by allowing 2 runs in the bottom of the first inning and it not really getting any better from there.  Lohse also struggled today but the Cardinals offense picked him up and got the win.

Tigers 10 White Sox 8 (Loss)

Jake Peavy was on the mound and the White Sox had a 6-0 lead in the sixth inning.  My hopes were high that I was going to win this game.  The Tigers offense then struck.  And struck.  And struck again.  By the time the inning was over Peavy was out of the game and Detroit had pushed 8 runs across.  They would play add on in the final innings to get to double digit runs.

Red Sox 5 Mariners 0 (Loss)

Josh Beckett where has that been all year?  The Red Sox completely blasted the Mariners in the 2-game series, holding them to 1 run and making the Mariner offense look even worse than they are.  The Mariners got 4 hits today and all of them were singles.  That is not going to win you many ballgames and it certainly not going to win you any games at Fenway Park.

Yankees 5 Orioles 2 (Loss)

It is C.C Sabathia that loses the battle of the unbeatens today as the Yankees fall to the Orioles 5-2.  Sabathia allowed 4 runs in 6 innings and the Orioles pitching staff held the mighty Yankee offense in check.  Adam Jones hit a solo home run for Baltimore, as the Orioles continue their winning ways.  I still don't think this team will sustain it but it is fun to watch.

Angels 4 Athletics 0 (Win)

Well I'll be damned.  Not only did the Angles actually score a run for Ervin Santana, they finally beat the Oakland Athletics.  Albert Pujols had 3 hits today to improve his batting average to a robust .212 and the Angels got good hitting, good pitching, and good defense.  Usually when you mix all 3 of those together you will come out on top, just like the Angels did today.

Rays 4 Blue Jays 3 (Win)

David Price imprvoed to 11-2 against the Toronto Blue Jays and he has the offense to thank for that.  He was down 3-1 in the top of the seventh inning and the Rays had done nothing against Henderson Alvarez.  3 outs and 3 runs later the Rays were on top and Price was in line to get the win as long as the Rays bullpen held.  It did.

Braves 6 Reds 2 (Loss)

There it is.  Johnny Cueto's first rough outing of 2012.  He gave up 6 runs in 4 innings and you can't do that when facing Tim Hudson.  He will not let you come back from that.  Hudson pitched to contact after getting a lead as he did allow 9 hits, but he also only allowed 2 runs.  That is how you pitch when you have a big lead.  Let the other team hit the ball and make outs.  

Brewers 8 Mets 0 (Win)

This is what I expected yesterday with Miguel Batista on the mound.  I knew that Zack Greinke was going to pitch well today but I did not know that the Mets entire team decided to take an extra vacation day.  Greinke completely shut down the Mets offense and the Brewers hit 3 home runs to stake Greinke too a lead he would never relinquish.

Marlins 6 Pirates 2 (Win)

Welcome to the win column Josh Johnson!  The Marlins opening day starter waited until May fifteenth to get his first win of the year and it came at the hands of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  That is the Josh Johnson that the Marlins have been waiting for and the one I have been waiting for as well.  Now I will have no issues picking him from here on out.

Royals 7 Rangers 4 (Loss)

Hmmm.... Well the Rangers can beat anyone in baseball except the Kansas City Royals.  Further proof that this is a funny game.  Colby Lewis allowed 4 runs in the first inning and that usually is an awfully tough hole for any team to come from.  The Rangers have done it this year but if you get yourself in a 4-run hole in the first inning your odds aren't good.  They weren't for the Rangers today.

Diamondbacks 5 Dodgers 1 (Win)

Wade Miley pitched effectively into the seventh inning and the Arizona Diamondbacks kept Chad Billingsley mired in his personal slump with a 5-1 win.  Billingsley still hasn't won since his second start of the season and he could only go 4 innings today.  Every starter got a hit for the Diamondbacks with the exception of second basemen Aaron Hill.  That is getting contributions from a lot of different people.

Rockies 5 Giants 4 (Loss)

Tim Lincecum what has happened to you?  Lincecum once again was not very effective as the Giants took the loss today.  I still don't know what is going on with Lincecum but if I am a Giant fan right now I am both worried about him and ecstatic that Cain and Bumgarner are in the mix for the next several years.  Might make it easier to cut ties with Timmy after this year.

Days Record: 8-7                                          Monthly Record: 105-104              
Lock of the Day Record: 23-15                    Overall Record: 288-259

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